Water treatment system with reverse osmosis

Working Principle

Here is the working principle of a reverse osmosis membrane. Raw water moves under pressure along the membrane, with pure water passing through the membrane. The raw water becomes concentrated with mineral salts and is rejected.

With the Permeate Flush system, when the system stops, the treated water purges the raw water from the membrane and is diffused through it.

Without Permeate Flush, when the system stops, the water’s ionic imbalance pushes dissolved minerals through the membrane. This causes a twisting of the membrane and results in lower-quality water when the system starts again.


Direct access

Do away with handling bottled water. A drinking water system supplies you with good clean water from your tap.

Programmed maintenance

Carbon filters have limited capacity and need to be changed, but when?

Our patented MACguard filter systems with automatic safety latches save you this trouble and prevent overuse of filters. A simple change of cartridge will start the water flowing again.

Make careful use of water

Drinking water is produced only when you need it.

Top protection

Your drinking water goes through three stages of protection: pre-filtering of sedimentation, the reverse osmosis module and the MACguard filter. The water is treated drop by drop, giving you clean, refreshing water.

Saving time and money

Investing in an MTU water treatment system will save you time and money. It will improve your quality of life or work.